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Structured Family Intervention

Supporting Your Loved One Towards Recovery & Transformation

At Time To Be You® - The Real You, we understand the complexities and challenges families face when a loved one is struggling with addiction (substance or behavioural) or mental health issues. We're here to offer comprehensive support tailored to your unique situation, providing both online assistance and in-person intervention services worldwide.

Structured addiction/mental wellbeing Family Interventions can also be adapted for online settings to help address the challenges individuals and their families face.

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Please consider reaching out to Jorge Venceslau, who can provide personalised guidance and support for your specific situation.

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It's important to note that family interventions can be emotionally charged and complex.
Consulting with a professional interventionist who specialises in addiction/mental health interventions is highly recommended to ensure the process is conducted effectively and safely.

We realise that LOVE is the most powerful and effective force we can use to confront addiction successfully.

Our Approach

Jorge's Model of Structured Family Intervention is a carefully planned process based on

We exclusively dedicate our time to understanding and addressing the specific needs of your family and your loved one. Our commitment goes beyond virtual consultations – we’re prepared to meet you wherever you are in the world. Our team will fly to your location and spend 3-5 days with you preparing and helping you for the intervention day. It is a very exclusive and dedicated time, where we embrace with you compassion, commitment and hope that we can and will do it, and your loved one will feel all the manifested love that surrounds him or her and with love from the heart all decisions are the right ones at present moment. Unique & Powerful times at Structured Family Interventions experiences for me, as professionals working on Structured family Interventions in the last 20 years.

What We Do

During our time together, we’ll engage with family members, friends, and relevant professionals to gather insights and develop a personalised intervention strategy. Our goal is to guide your loved one towards accepting help and entering a treatment program that aligns with their needs and the collective decision of the group.

Our Success Rate

With our structured approach, we’ve achieved remarkable success. In nine out of every ten interventions we conduct, clients accept the option for treatment and are placed in facilities within 48 hours. We prioritise finding the most suitable facility, chosen collaboratively by group members and your loved one.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to your family doesn’t end with the intervention. We understand that the transition into treatment can be daunting, which is why we offer comprehensive ongoing support. In addition to monitoring your loved one’s progress through a dedicated case manager, we also provide the option for an escort service to accompany them to the chosen treatment facility. This ensures a smooth and supportive transition into the next phase of their recovery journey.


Recovery is a journey that extends beyond the confines of a treatment program. To facilitate long-term success, we offer a range of aftercare services tailored to the individual and their family’s needs. One such service is our sober coaching program, where a dedicated sober coach provides personalised support to the client. This can include ongoing guidance, assistance with daily tasks, and even living with the client for a period of time to help them adjust to their new lifestyle and needs. Our sober coaches are experienced professionals who understand the challenges of recovery and are committed to helping clients navigate them with confidence and resilience.

Above all, we're dedicated to guiding families towards joy, happiness, and fulfilment. We measure our success not just by sobriety but by the positive transformation and progress our clients and their families achieve.

Jorge Venceslau are a Co-Founder of EARS - European Association of Recovery Specialists

If you're ready to take the first step towards supporting your loved one's recovery journey, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our intervention services and how we can assist your family.

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Live & Online Structured Family Intervention
Addictions & Mental Health

Here's an overview of what you might expect from an Online Family Intervention session:

  • Planning and Preparation: The intervention process begins with careful planning and preparation. Identify a facilitator or intervention specialist who has experience in conducting family interventions. They can guide you through the process and ensure it is organized and effective.
  • Assessment and Education: Jorge will work with the family members to assess the situation, understand the addiction/mental health issues, and provide education about the condition. This helps family members gain insight, develop empathy, and learn how to support their loved ones effectively.
  • Communication and Boundaries: Establishing open and honest communication is crucial. Jorge will guide family members in expressing their concerns, emotions, and observations in a constructive and non-judgmental manner. Setting healthy boundaries and establishing clear expectations for behaviour and support are also important aspects.
  • Goal Setting: Together with Jorge Venceslau, the family will set specific goals for the intervention. These goals may include encouraging the individual to seek treatment, establishing boundaries, improving communication, or addressing specific family dynamics that contribute to the addiction/mental health issues.
  • Letter Writing: Family members may be encouraged to write letters expressing their love, concern, and desire for the individual to seek help. These letters are read aloud during the intervention and can have a powerful impact in conveying the collective message of support and encouragement.
  • Intervention Session: The actual intervention session can take place online( or at your location), usually through video conferencing. The facilitator guides the family through the structured process, ensuring that each person has an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings. The intervention is focused on helping the individual understand the impact of their behaviour and the importance of seeking help.
  • Treatment Options: The intervention should provide information about available treatment options, including therapy, counselling, support groups, and rehabilitation programs. Jorge will guide the individual and family in exploring these options and making informed decisions.
  • Follow-up and Support: Following the intervention, ongoing support is crucial for both the individual and the family. Jorge will assist in connecting the individual with appropriate treatment resources and helping the family access support groups or counselling services.

Seeking the expertise of a professional interventionist specialising in addiction/mental health interventions is strongly advised to ensure a safe and effective process. Feel free to connect with Jorge Venceslau, who offers personalised guidance and support tailored to your unique situation.

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