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Mental Health Services

Tailored Care for the Mental Wellbeing of a Loved One or Family Member

At Time To Be You® we offer comprehensive mental health services tailored to families that are looking for help, to help a loved one that is experiencing difficulty with their Mental Wellbeing. We can help you and your loved one by encompassing structured family interventions, personalised case management, sober companionship, and reliable sober transportation. Our approach is rooted in empathy, understanding, and a commitment to holistic wellness. We work collaboratively with families to address challenges, promote healing, and cultivate resilience, fostering healthier dynamics and brighter futures.

Health Assessment

Family-Focused Mental Health Assessments

Our Family-Focused Health Assessments empower families to take proactive steps towards wellness.
We Believe that Every Family Deserves to Thrive

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Structured Family Intervention

A therapist guiding a family through a structured intervention session to improve communication and support.

Supporting Your Loved One Towards Recovery & Transformation
Help a Loved One

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Case Management

We Understand that Navigating through Complex Cases can be Daunting.
We Believe in a Client-Centered Approach

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Addictions Counselling

Addiction Counselling Help

Counselling can provide crucial support and guidance for individuals seeking to overcome various forms of addiction.
We Believe People Can Change

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Sober Companion Services

Professional support service assisting individuals in maintaining sobriety and navigating addiction challenges.
Companionship to Reclaim Your Life

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Sober Transportation Services

Our Sober Transport drivers are trained professionals who are sensitive to the unique needs of individuals in recovery.
Arrive Alive

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Family-Focused Mental Health Assessments

Mental Health Services

We Offer Comprehensive Mental Health Services Tailored to Families that are Looking for Help!