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Research consistently shows that more mindful people are generally happier and report less anxiety, symptoms of depression, anger, and worries. A higher degree of mindfulness is also associated with reduced stress and increased gratitude, hope, and vitality.

How Coaching Works

The 8 Levels of Consciousness

8 Levels of Consciousness

Consciousness is a measure of who and what you care about consistently through time. Clare W. Graves, former Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Union College in New York, defined the psychological maturity of human beings and described this dynamic of consciousness in eight levels.

Discovering your Present Values & Rules

You’ll discover your past values & rules and will set new ones for your life.
“A compelling future is the food on which our souls thrive; we all need a continuing sense of emotional and spiritual growth.”
— Tony Robbins

Relationship/the Keys to Lasting Passion and Love

Relationships provide the opportunity for us to reflect and
tap into something deeper inside ourselves, no matter what is happening on the surface.
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
– Rumi

Your Extraordinary Life

What ultimately determines the quality of your life? What is it that shapes us as human beings? Is it who you know? Money? Economy? Level of education? Relationships? Body?

Life Conditions and Blueprint

Life Conditions and Blueprint

Your biggest problem is that you think you shouldn’t have problems. Problems are gifts. The only difference between “problems” and “gifts” is the meaning you give to them.

The 6 Human Needs

Discover the 6 Human Needs

No matter who you are in the world, or what you do, there’s a common force that’s driving and shaping all your emotions and actions. Discover your 6 human needs.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Change your thoughts, change your life. How you think and view the world affects the story that will be told about your life. Your story is one of three elements that can lead you to find your breakthrough.

The Guiding Force

The Guiding Force

Let’s think of your belief systems like a map. Your beliefs tell you how you get from where you are to where you want to be. You’ll be going to discover your MAP or Rulebook of Your Life

The Path of Meaning

The 9 Elements of Impact for the Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Some people’s paths lead to pain, and others’ paths lead to lasting pleasure. Let’s find out what´s shaping or directing your path.

The Cycle of Meaning and Behavior

The Cycle of Meaning and Behaviour

Let’s think about what it is you’re really after in life, what’s really behind that desire, and what habits, behaviours, or beliefs you’ve developed over the years while pursuing what it is you say you want.

The Triad

At any moment in time, the meaning you give to a situation is shaped by your Triad. The Triad you currently embody creates the meaning. The meaning fires off the emotion.

The Story of your Life

You will discover which story you have been told to yourself for arriving at this present moment. You will discover what you need to change to shape your new story, the one you want for yourself!

Your Fuel of Choice, Habitual Emotions

Training Habitual Emotions

The emotions we live with day-to-day, control the quality of our life more than anything else. By training ourselves to feel the emotions we want to feel until they become automatic, we can expand and transform our emotional repertoire into one that empowers us.

Your Primary Question

Find Your Primary Question

Find your primary question: it will help you walk this new road of your life. Asking the right question is a very important key to your journey and when you face your challenges on the way.

The Spheres of Influence

The Spheres of Influence

There are three giant areas of life that can trigger you to change: Relationships, Self and Work/World/Mission.

Family-Focused Mental Health Assessments

Mental Health Services

We Offer Comprehensive Mental Health Services Tailored to Families that are Looking for Help!